Monday, November 24, 2014

Call Time: Tuesday, November 25

  We will meet in Stage 5 at the Albuquerque Studios, which is the small sound stage between building B and building C.  Please park behind building 1 in front of Stage 1 and 2 in the interior quadrangle parking. Do not park in front of stage 5

PLEASE  come having eaten, a dinner will not be served as the crew will have already eaten by the time extras report to the studios,  You will be working until 10:30 or 11 pm


Report to UNM
            Stand Ins
10:15 AM            Robert Posey
10:15 AM            Rachel Ross

            Report to Stage having had dinner
            Stand ins
5:30 PM            Eden Douglas
5:30 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya

            3:12 pm Pickup - will eat lunch with the crew.
            Bryce Romero
            Gary Hood

            5:00 PM
            Soldeir Commander
            Cory Broussard

            5:00 PM
            Anthoni Garcia
            Brian Barela
            Craig Meagher
            Dante Mejia
            Dylan Wisneski
            Frank Powers
            Gonzalo Robles
            Jerome Martinez
            JJ Jones
            Joseph Riggs
            Joseph Toledo
            Joshua Everett
            Kapono Bangay
            Matthew Jenkins
            Miles Tafoya
            Robert Dallas
            Templer Horry
            TJ Brown
            Zac Mitchell

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Call Time: Monday, November 24

Please park at crew parking on Lomas west of University.


Stand Ins
7:45 AM            Robert Posey
7:45 AM            Masamichi Nyunoya
7:45 AM            Rachel Ross
7:45 AM            Eden Douglas
            7:24 AM Pick up
            Bryce Romero
            9:00 AM
            Amberlee Toney
            Laura Hanks

            7:30 AM
            Soldeir Commander
            Cory Broussard

            7:30 AM
            Conrad Padilla
            Craig Meagher
            Frank Powers
            Gonzalo Robles
            JJ Jones
            Joseph Toledo
            Joshua Everett
            Kapono Bangay
            Lex Santos
            Matthew Jenkins
            Zac Mitchell

Friday, November 21, 2014

Call Time: Friday, November 21

Stand Ins
4:48 PM            Robert Posey
4:48 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
4:48 PM            Rachel Ross
4:48 PM            Eden Douglas

            4:00 PM
            Michael Leyba
            Ryan Chavez
            Travis Relyea
            Leroy Vallejos
            Elnora Keller
            Emily Snell

            4:24 PM Pick up
            Bryce Romero

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Call time: Thursday, Nov. 20

Stand Ins
3:48 PM            Robert Posey
3:48 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
3:48 PM            Rachel Ross
3:48 PM            Eden Douglas

            10:00 AM
            Michael Leyba
            Ryan Chavez
            Travis Relyea
            Leroy Vallejos
            1:00 PM
            Elnora Keller
            Emily Snell

            3:24 PM
            Bryce Romero

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Call time: Wednesay, Nov. 19

Please call if you have any questions or problems.
Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Stand Ins
1:42 PM            Robert Posey
1:42 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
1:42 PM            Rachel Ross
1:42 PM            Eden Douglas

            8:00 AM
            Michael Leyba
            Ryan Chavez
            Travis Relyea
            10:00 AM
            Leroy Vallejos
            Elnora Keller
            Emily Snell

Monday, November 17, 2014

Call Time: Tuesday, November 18

PLEASE NOTE: because the company call time is earlier than the extra's call time,  lunch will have been served. Please come having eaten lunch.  A hot dinner will be served between 6:30 and 7 pm. There will be snacks to munch.

It will be COLD, wear thermals, warm socks, gloves, hats, coats.

We will be parking in the Convention Center Parking Structure off of Broadway and Martin Luther King Drive. We will pay parking. Please meet us in the Convention center, follow the yellow signs

Please call if you have any problems and question.
Elizabeth Gabel

Stand Ins
12:42 PM            Robert Posey
12:42 PM            Masamichi Nyunoya
12:42 PM            Rachel Ross
12:42 PM            Eden Douglas

            12:30 PM

            Crank Makeup Test
            Audrey Bradford
            Kyle Duffy

            4:00 PM
            Soldier Comander
            Cory Broussard

            4:00 PM

            WCKD Soldiers
            Brian Barela
            Craig Meagher
            Dante Mejia
            Gonzalo Robles
            Greg Lieker
            Jetto Dorsainville
            JJ Jones
            Joseph Riggs
            Joshua Everett
            Matthew Jenkins
            Miles Tafoya
            Robert Dallas
            Tim Holmes
            Zac Mitchell
            4:30 PM

            Ash Kids
            Maxx Passeano (11)
            Daniel Ray Roybal (11)
            Jeremy Smith (13)
            Nikita Dougan (13)
            Henry Li  (10)
            Jenna Simon (13)


            3:00 PM

            Amanda Frequez
            Aubrey Meador
            Audra Griego
            Camille Heath
            Cherisse Hawkins
            Corrina Magallanez
            Denise Farrell
            Denise Magallanez
            Diedre Strange
            Edan Didak
            Eppie Montoya
            Heidy Roberts 
            Kaitlin Yrene
            Katie Good
            Katy Wellman
            Kristine Chambers
            Lacey Green
            Lainie Reed
            Lexi Petree
            Mariah Everette
            Phyllis Rowe
            Rahnae Magallanez
            Shandiin Tome
            Spirit Godkin
            Sydney Potadle
            Tamara Curnow
            Tiffany Neely
            Veronica Gonzales
            3:00 PM
            Alex Herig
            Andrew Martinez
            Brady Lavigne
            Brandon Wurm
            Bryan Cain
            Caleb Celestino
            Charles Ash
            Chritian Maes
            Daniel Freeman
            Daniel Grochowski
            Dick Shaw
            Eric Porter
            Eric Vincent
            Gerald McPeak
            Jesse Littlebird
            Justin Scott Shirley
            Kelvin Krupiak 
            Leonard Kaegan
            Matthew Sandoval
            Michael Guajardo
            Nathan Simmons
            Rafael Torrez
            Ray Flores
            Sergio Abeyta
            Steven Ray Byrd 
            Stewart Allen
            Vincent Chavez

            3:30 PM

            New - Need Fittings

            Aaron Curtis
            Adam Roach
            Akshay Patel
            Alaska Harston
            Alex Slim
            Alexandra Koeth
            Alfred Cruz Costales
            Allen Kerns
            Amer Child
            Anai Reyes
            Andrea B. Good
            Angela Gomez
            Angelica Lovato
            Annette Gonzales
            April Martinez
            Arianna Abrams
            Austin Creswell
            Benjamin House
            Benjamin Michael Beckhart
            Bobbie Shelton
            Brad Howard
            Candy Smith
            Carl Solomon
            Carmen Dahlman
            Carol Whaley
            Caroline Salazar
            Cecilia Hernandez
            Charina Webb
            Charles Gallegos
            Charlie Savage
            Christian Martinez
            Christian Phelps
            Cody Linville
            Connie Shelby Perez
            Cristo Cabrera
            Daniel Zubiate
            Elizabeth Kallman
            Elizabeth Schaefer
            Genevieve Pocius
            Georgene Romero
            Gillian Gordon
            Hailey Josselyn
            Heather Antonio
            Ines Wares
            Iris Dunbar
            Janet Sanchez
            Jazmyne Pavioni
            Jessica Bailon
            Julie Saiz
            Kaelee Vigil
            Karra Johnson
            Kathryn Hanson
            Katie Curran
            Kim Perry
            Kimberly Salicos
            Kitar Chen
            Leslie Hutz
            Lorraine Harding
            Louise Stange-Wahl
            Lydia Eustice
            Monika Lamar
            Natalia Martinez
            Natalie Benevidaz
            Pam Kileen
            Pamela Moore
            Porscha Shaw
            Renee Cordova
            Rose Palmer
            Shanea Strachan
            Shaundai Trombley
            Sicily Ranieri
            Sylvia Michnuk
            Wendy Carson
            Yana Yatsyk
            Yolanda Muszalski
            4:00 PM

            Honggang Yu
            David Cheung
            David Martinez
            Delbert Herrera
            Dennis Price
            Dennis Starns
            Eric Hendersen
            Ernesto Watchman
            Ethan Johnson
            Fernando Medina
            George Antohony Ducharme Jr.
            Gerald Bennett
            Herbert Hoffman
            Ian Oswald
            Isaiah Parham
            Israel Rael
            JD Millier
            Jesse Sprague
            Jim Wisniewski
            Jimmy Sanchez
            Joey Kunz
            Joey  Montoya
            John Loy
            John Selvey
            John Stephens
            John Welch
            Jon Hickey
            Jordan Vasquez
            Joshua House
            Jonas Tachias
            Justin Cristobal
            Kelly Shaw
            Kevin Gallacher
            Kevin Maclellan
            Kori Kobayashi
            Kyton Blair
            LB Johnson
            Louis Carrillo
            Manuel Abascal
            Mark Sandy
            Martell X. Smith
            Matthew Krekeler
            Mel Sanchez
            Michael Coquia
            Michael Prokopij
            Michael Webb
            Mike Ledesma
            Miquel Sanchez
            Murat Kucukcapraz
            Nathaniel Segura
            Omar Thompson
            Patrick Cunningham
            Patrick McKillip
            Patrick Smithgee
            Paul Caster
            Paul Sanders
            Richard Ramoso
            Ricky Crocket
            Robert Mesa
            Rodney Nagel
            Ryan Rivera
            Sean Ray
            Shawn Caldwell
            Spencer Graham
            Steve Maxey
            Tommy Gunzelman
            Troy Jackson
            Tyson Green
            Victor Limary
            William Greely

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Call time: Monday November 17

Please park at 601 Central Ave. NW OR AT 701 Gold SW and report to 400 Gold SW (extras world). We emailed a map Saturday morning. Please call if you did not get one.

Please dress warmly with thermals, warm socks, hats, gloves, warm jacket and scarves.  It is better to be over prepared than to be under prepared.

Also, to eat breakfast and do paperwork you must be early. Your call time is when you report to wardrobe so allow time to walk to holding from the parking lot.

Please remember that we went through hundreds of submission to find you, so we are very excited you are coming to be a crank.

We have an early call because of the heavy makeup.
 Elizabeth 505-203-0884

Scott Flick who lives at Central and Stanford needs a ride, if anyone can pick him, please call him at

5:30 AM Robert Posey
5:30 AM Rita Dodge

7:30 AM
Infected Boy
Liam McDonald   
7:30 AM
Infected Mom
Paige Mcdonald
5:00 AM
Old Lady w/Cart
Mary Petrey
7:30 AM
Crank Kids
Noah Wiliams
Simon Ballard
Seven Ballard
McKenna Claypool
Hayden Claypool

5:30 AM
Soldier Comander
Cory Broussard

5:30 AM
WCKD Soldiers
Brian Barela
Craig Meagher

Joseph Riggs
Victor Guardo
Matthew Jenkins

5:00 AM
Cranks - F
Amrit Khalsa
Carol Byrd
Catherine Fridey
Gladys Grado
Janet Wilson
Julie Wittrock
Mary Clark
Myra Salazar
Pamela Henderson
Pedreaunna Jinnity
Rachel Stone
Shiela Walker
Sydney Metz
Tanya Hancock
Whitney Eichbauer

5:00 AM
Brandon Martinez
Brendon Jaramillo
Bruce Lombardelli
Christopher Petrey
Cory Shires
Dave Sundt
David Blanco
Dimothy Dalton
Gabriel Martinez
Harp Corrigan
Hector Pinero
Jason Kinzy
Jonathan Lund
Jorge Chacon
Josh LaCombe
Josh Neustadter
Kyle Crespin
Mario Alba
Matthew Amend
Michael Gellegos
Michael Ludovici
Michael Ogden
Robert Gappa
Ryon Andrade
Sasha Horn
Taylor Williams
Tyler Kurtz
Wayne Stinson

5:30 AM
Chris Keyser
Cicelo Solano
Kristen Ford
Daryl Wiggins
Dawn Henderson
Frank Nunn
Greg Smith
Gregory Paul Valdez
Jahan Khalili
James Lane
Jason Sedillo
Jessica Solano
Joseph Solarczyk
Laura Chisholm
LC Read
Louie Correa Jr.
Piere Martin
Preston Harmon
Robert Ritt
Robyn Chaulsett
Scott Flick
Steven Belflower
Wynelle Waters